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This Coming Election. Join our movement now! STEVEN LEE FOR ASSEMBLY.

This Coming Election. Join our movement now! STEVEN LEE FOR ASSEMBLY.

This Coming Election. Join our movement now! STEVEN LEE FOR ASSEMBLY.This Coming Election. Join our movement now! STEVEN LEE FOR ASSEMBLY.This Coming Election. Join our movement now! STEVEN LEE FOR ASSEMBLY.

Steven Lee for Assembly


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     Steven Lee is a first generation American Born in New York City, son of immigrant parents who migrated to New York in 1974. Steve cherished the wonderful opportunity to grow up in one of the most diverse communities in the world. As is often true with any new immigrants Steven faced and overcame many obstacles growing up as a minority and has pledged his life of service to others. 


     Steven realized his childhood dream of becoming a member of the New York City Police Department on January 2005.  He was motivated to serve by the Heroes who gave their lives on September 11th. Steve was inspired by many who paid the ultimate sacrifice to lead people to safety in one of the darkest days in American History.  He joined the NYPD to help his community by protecting and serving them in a most honorable uniform of Blue.  In 2013 Steven was proudly promoted to the rank of Sergeant within the NYPD and transferred to the 109 Precinct.


      Steve understood that this assignment would offer him a unique opportunity to serve an emerging new immigrant community as they struggled in their new home land.  

Shortly, in 2014-2015 Sgt. Steven Lee discovered wide spread of corruption that was poisoning the community he was so proud to serve and protect.  Sgt. Lee became a leader in fighting corruption which led to the arrest of rogue Police Officials that violated the public trust. He served in cooperation with investigators to bring public the abuses that were pervasive in his precinct.  


      As a Sergeant,  Steve still works in the NYPD as he continues to fight corruption and to protect the people he swore to serve.  He has been praised by law enforcement officials as a man of the highest level of integrity. 


      As your representative in the New York State Assembly,  Officer Lee will always put the needs of the community first and foremost.  He will fight the corruption, waste and mismanagement that exists on the State and City levels.  He has a pro business agenda that can continue to stimulate the economy and allow all new immigrants to continue to come to the USA and prosper.


      He also favors responsible real estate development, affordable and workforce housing.  Helping to create a environment that will allow increasing housing and more affordability. If the community of Flushing is to grow and continue to prosper, we need leadership in Albany that encourages visionary planning and a greater understanding of what our community needs will be in the future.  Steven Lee is not captured by a political agenda that only wants to tear down the success that has made our community great. Steve Lee wants to work with all of the people in the Assembly district .


The Platform

Serving The Community

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Steven Lee is a Sergeant of the NYPD who served in the 109 Precinct, he went undercover to gather numerous recordings and video revealing Police corruption and other criminal activities within the 109 Precinct.  Your candidate will fight the corruption and for your rights.  Cleaning up Flushing by increasing the Quality of Life, making it more safe and livable for those who reside in the community.  Steve stands for the people of the community and wants to help small businesses as well as residents.  Join our movement and make our District better.

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