Steve Lee

Steven Lee is running for Assembly to improve our Flushing community.

Steven Lee is a first-generation Asian-American. Born in New York City to two immigrant parents, Steven cherished the wonderful opportunity to grow up in one of the most diverse communities in the world. As is often true with minority children, Steven faced and overcame many obstacles related to his minority status growing up and pledged to serve minorities because of them.

Steven realized his childhood dream of becoming a member of the New York City Police Department in January 2005. Besides his dedication to serving minorities, he was also motivated to serve by the sacrifices of the heroes who gave their lives on September 11th, one of the darkest days in American history. In 2013, Steven was proudly promoted to the rank of Sergeant within the NYPD and transferred to the 109th Precinct, which serves the northeast portion of Queens, including Downtown Flushing. By accepting this promotion and transfer, Steven was given the opportunity to not only be a police officer in a diverse community, but be a police sergeant in the diverse community he had grown up in.

Shortly after his promotion, however, in 2014-2015, Sgt. Steven Lee discovered widespread corruption that was poisoning his community. Sgt. Lee became a leader in fighting the corruption that led to the arrest of multiple rogue police officials who violated public trust, cooperating with investigators to make public their abuses.

Steven still works in the NYPD to fight corruption and protect the people he swore to serve. Yet, he feels that he has a still higher calling now to serve his community more broadly as your representative in the New York State Assembly.

As your representative in the New York State Assembly, Steven would always put the needs of the community first and foremost. He would fight against corruption and mismanagement at the city and state levels. He would use a pro-business agenda to stimulate the economy and allow all new immigrants to come to the USA and prosper. He would urge responsible real estate development and create an environment that encourages increased housing and increased affordability. He would also fight for a better educational system, fair wages, and more accessible senior healthcare.

If the community of Flushing is to continue to grow and prosper, the community needs leadership in Albany that has worked with the community in the past, is focused on the community in the present, and has its needs in mind for the future. Steven Lee is the right State Assemblyman because he cannot be bought or sold and he has a demonstrated track record of working for Flushing’s success.

Steve Lee, Democrat for Assembly District 40, Flushing Queens